Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Kit

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Būtē Cosmetics company's goal is to be at the top quality industry standards. use only the latest technologies available. specialize in hair and other beauty products. This brush cleaner can help you clean your all size makeup brushes more easier. Just take 10 seconds, we can clean it thoroughly. And another 10 seconds, we dry it as new.

HOW TO USE: Add Water And Soap Into The Bowl. Find The Suitable Collars And Insert The Brush Into The Spinner. Dip And Dunk The Brush In The Liquid. Hold The Bowl, Turn On The Spinner, And Spin To Clean For 10 Sec Change To Water And Spin To Clean Again. Take Out The Brush From The Water But Still In The Bowl And Spin To dry For 10 Sec.

PACKAGE INCLUDES Brush Cleaner Machine Attachment spindle Brush Spinner Bowl Silicone Splash Guard Ring Rubber Holders Holder Base 8 x Different Size Rubber Holders User Manual

❤ TOP QUALITY - High Grade Materials To Ensure Long-Lasting Use. Nontoxic, Environmental Friendly And Easy Cleaning.

❤ SIMPLE AND EASY - 3 Steps Easy To Use 1. Attach The Brush To The Spinner. 2.Pour Water And Soap Into The Bowl. 3.Dip & Spin To Clean, Raise & Spin To Dry.

❤ MAKEUP WASHING BRUSH: Makeup brushes trap oil and dirt will lead to skin irritation, clogged pores and acne breakouts. makeup brush cleaning every 2-4 weeks is recommended by professionals and dermatologists. Makeup brush cleaner dryer and holder machine helps clean and protect your expensive brushes effortless

❤ 10~30 SECONDS AUTOMATIC CLEANING & DRYING TOOLS: Built in a super powerful motor, 12000-13000rpm high rotate speed, help clean and dry makeup brushes deeply and quickly. Dip, Spin to Rinse, Spin to Dry, only a few steps and few minutes, get our makeup brushes cleaned and ready to use. Warm water is recommended when use

❤ PROFESSIONAL CLEANING & DRYING MAKEUP BRUSHES KIT: Cosmetic brush cleaning devices designed for instant wash and dry: makeup brush holder, automatic spinner, 8 collars to fit 95% of all cosmetic brushes, a bowl, brushes holder.

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