100% Jamaican  Made Products

Our Brand and cosmetics line is 100% all Jamaican product; Manufactured, produced & packaged in Jamaica.  Our Aloe Vera based foundation is a perfect combination of skincare and cosmetics in one. It is hydrating, youth enhancing and dewy. The formula is easily blended and glides on smoothly over the most dehydrated skin! It is an ideal foundation for anti aging as well as for young problematic skin that is prone to acne, oily skin and mature skin for its stimulation of collagen production.


Shop now for amazing products at your favorite makeup store and enjoy the incredible luxury  handmade cosmetics that will love your skin entirely.





Eco Friendly

Here at Būtē Cosmetics you can enjoy the same quality product at an even more affordable price by participating in our environmentally friendly project; All you have to do is reuse your empty Būtē Cosmetics containers, by just simply refilling your empties with our Pouch refill (Same amount of product, same quality product at a lower price) right back into your original container. Really simple, really economic. Let’s help to do our part and keep our environment free of excessive waste 🙂


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Makeup Services

Our goal is for you to look back at your wedding or event photos and see timeless, classic beauty.  We specialize in airbrush makeup services and is able to give you a flawless face that looks amazing with High Definition Photography. Airbrushing is so lightweight yet versatile, it fills in pores, fine lines and imperfections on the skin and has an all-day, natural looking, waterproof wear.

Carnival makeup by Lamme


We use natural locally grown Aloe Vera along with Mineral oxide ingredients in our formulations to ensure the highest quality product authenticity.

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  • “Thank you so much! your product is awesome”

    – Sudean
  • “ I really love your makeup, it dries really quick when i put it on”

    – Danielle
  • “amazing brush set will definitely recommend” – New


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