Airbrush Makeup

What is Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush makeup is a technique of applying makeup to the skin using an airbrush system as opposed to the traditional method of using brushes, sponges or fingers. The technique is similar to how spray tan is applied, but on a smaller scale because it is typically only applied to the face, although it can be used all over the body.  It is applied in the form of a very fine mist and therefore it is necessary for the product to be a lot thinner than normal foundations. However, despite being thinner, airbrush makeup provides fantastic coverage of imperfections, which can be built up from a sheer to full coverage application, while still looking natural and letting the skin breathe. Airbrush makeup gives a professional but natural look.


Why Is Airbrush Makeup For Weddings?

Professional makeup artists favor airbrush makeup for special occasions like weddings and proms because it is long lasting and often waterproof.  It will not smudge or run if you get emotional or hot and will look natural throughout the day.

Airbrush makeup techniques can be used to apply a full face of makeup, even eyeshadows, and will last as long as 12 hours, or even longer. It looks as fantastic in person as it does in photographs and the coverage and tone can be completely adapted to suit each user’s skin.


What Is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional makeup is what you are probably already using. It refers to products which may be in powder, liquid or cream form are applied using brushes, sponges or even your fingers. Products are usually thicker in consistency, but countless variations are available.

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Our goal is for you to look back at your wedding or event photos and see timeless, classic makeup.  We specialize in airbrush makeup and is able to give you a flawless face that looks amazing with High Definition Photography. Airbrushing is so lightweight yet versatile, it fills in pores, fine lines and imperfections on the skin and has an all-day, natural looking, waterproof wear.

Carnival makeup by Lamme

Bridal Makeup

What is Bridal Makeup?
Bridal makeup is an essential part of the wedding planning process and designing the perfect makeup look for your wedding day is my number one priority.  You may choose having your bridal makeup airbrushed or traditionally applied using manual techniques to achieve that desired designed for your very special day.



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Mink Lashes

Our mink lashes are amazing because we offer so many different styles for you to choose from, they are lightweight, fluffy, and beautifully natural looking and works perfectly to enhance any bridal and makeup look.



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